A Walk Back In Time

Soar now above this magical, medieval slice of heaven and discover why you will believe you have walked back in time.  St Cirq Lapopie is truly a special part of La France Profonde. Here in the land of sunflowers and medieval castles, you will enjoy the exquisite pleasures of gourmet food, wine, foie gras and truffles. In a national contest in 2012, the French selected St Cirq Lapopie as their #1 Favorite Village in the entire country! The title is justly deserved. 

Just inside the medieval village gate at the lower end of this beautiful artists’ village, Maison d'Être welcomes and invites you, your family and friends to stay a while. Originally built in the 14th century, our home now has everything you need to make it your base of operations while exploring this remarkable part of France.

Located on the enchanting Lot River, St. Cirq Lapopie offers much to do in and around the area. One may dine on truffles and foie gras. Taste the famous “Black Wine of Cahors” made from the Malbec grape of the Midi Pyrenees, the only region in France in which it grows successfully.  Or visit pre-historic cave paintings, bicycle through a slice of heaven, shop in wonderful, local markets and much, much more…

Perched on a sheer 300-foot drop above the Lot River, the village offers very few signs of anything more recent than the 18th century. St Cirq Lapopie is ranked Premiere among France’s “Most Beautiful Villages” and is under consideration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.