Dining In

Our region of France is famous for its many restaurants and cuisine, including foie gras, truffles, saffron and walnuts. In addition, you can enjoy delicious meals without venturing outside of Maison d'Être!

In the works – A Gourmet Custom-Catered Meal for the night of arrival!

Perfect for the Evening of Your Arrival!

Maison d'Être is currently seeking a relationship with a local gourmet chef who will prepare a sumptuous gourmet 3-course meal for a minimum of two for 25 Euros per person complete. You will be able to arrange to have this gourmet meal (or a picnic!) ready for you at any time during your stay. In the past, most of our guests — a bit weary from travel and seeking relaxation on their first evening in rural France — have elected to have this meal waiting for them for the night of arrival. If we can find the right chef, you will not be disappointed! 

Our Kitchen


Once settled into Maison d'Être, you’ll find our brightly-lit, fully-equipped kitchen offers everything you need to dine in style for the duration of your stay.

The vented modern gas range and all the cookware and utensils you’d ever need are right there. Whether you’re cooking for two or ten, the energy-efficient dishwasher makes clean-up a snap.

Our Dining Room

The large table has seating for at least 8. The dining room door leads out to the garden with a large table for alfresco dining, also seating at least 8.

And for those of you who find themselves without a corkscrew and needing to open a bottle of wine, this video will be extremely helpful. It is in French, but you will have no trouble following the directions.

Dining Room


Pizza Party 2017