Market Days

What could be more French than shopping with the locals in their weekly market? Remember, with a few exceptions, markets all start early morning and end by noon.

We highly recommend that Sunday morning, you go to the market in Limogne. Markets close by noon, so go early. Take with you a shopping basket or bag from Maison d'Être. Limogne is a 20 minute drive East. The market is small and sweet. Load up on fresh, organic produce for your evening meal!

If you enjoyed Limogne, then on Wednesday we recommend you go to the larger market in front of the church Cahors and on Thursday in Villefranche de Rouergue. Park on the street or in one of the city’s public lots. The nuns set up a stand in front of the church to sell baked goods. Sometimes they are making crepes (hint: you may not want to buy anything from them, as they are not very good cooks!). One of my favorite things I regularly buy to take home is a bag of Herbes de Provence mixed by the spice lady herself.

The markets below are all nearby and wonderful, if you have time. Once you arrive in a town, to find the market, follow the direction of the people who are walking with empty baskets and carts. It is scenic and fun.

  • Cahors – Wednesday and Saturday
  • Sarlat – Saturday
  • San Antonin Noble Val – Sunday
  • Limogne – Sunday
  • Ville Franche deRouergue – Thursday
  • Cajarc – Saturday afternoon

There is a comprehensive list of market days in Downloads and online here for when you are out and about which you may sort by location or by day of the week.