Wildlife Parks and Recreation

Musee La Maison des Abeilles, Rocamadour. Up to half a million bees live here behind glass. The display is an astonishing living exhibition of the the life of the domestic bee and the work of the bee-keeper.

Forêt des Singes, Rocamadour. Enter the monkeys’s home and be transported into the fascinating world of 130 Barbary Macaques from the Atlas mountians in Moracco as they roam free in 50 acres of beautiful forest…

Reptiland, Martel250 snakes, crocodiles, lizards, tortoises and spiders – 92 species in all – are on view at Reptiland, which houses the biggest collection of reptiles in France.


Parc Animalier de Gramat A 3.5 km walk in a 100 acre wildlife park where you can see 150 different species of animals indigenous to the plateau, including bears, goats, wolves, bison and wild horses.  There are a bar/restaurant and picnic area.

Préhistologia, Prehistory Parc Lacave. Walk back in time 15 million years. Prehistoric flying reptiles and dinosaurs roam this woodland area. There is also a   reconstruction of everyday life in a neolithic village. Accessible to all.

Insectopia next to Gouffre de Padirac – a wonderful cave to visit . Fun and educational, Insectopia houses a rich collection of live insects and butterflies in all weather exhibits.

Cap Nature, Pradines. An activity park with two fun circuits through the treetops, one for all the family, and the other for the more adventurous. Something for children of all ages. Paint ball, too! Kids love it!%