On the Day of Arrival

Whether arriving from the North or the South, your first view of the cliff-hanging village will be jaw-dropping!.

It is no longer practical to drive into the village as the road is only one car wide and there is a low probability you will be able to turn around. On this website, there is a downloadable PDF under the tab, “Information” called “MD Arrival and Parking” to guide you to the village, the turn off from D8 to the medieval gate “Porte de Rocamadour,” Maison d'Être and the proper place to park.  It explains where to drop off people and luggage and how to find the resident parking lot. Once you and your luggage are at that turn off, you can walk down through the gate and find Maison d'Être, the 5th house in on the left.

It is likely you will be tired and hungry by the time you arrive. Most of our guests order a catered meal for the night of arrival. It can be awaiting you there  and you simply reheat it. The guests give these dinners rave reviews!